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"Door-To-Door Dry Cleaning" only for use in Colorado. Outside of Colorado all units are branded "MyDoor Dry Cleaning"


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We are changing the face of dry cleaning.

Dry cleaning is a fragmented, stagnate industry, with lack of national brand recognition and consistency from location to location.

We change the perception of dry cleaning through our marketing, image, professionalism and route efficiency.

We know what it takes to create a strong brand, and people have grown to trust and rely on us for our quality and exemplary customer service.

Please read on to find out what makes our offering so exciting and unique.

We Provide:  
  • Cleaner Partnerships
  • Name Recognition
  • Minimized Risk
  • Support
  • Training
  • First Class Marketing
  • Uniform System of  operations
  • Bulk Savings
  • Extreme Growth Potential
Franchise Comparisons

Low start-up costs ! The estimated total investment to open a single MyDoor/DTD unit is as low as 20% of 1st year revenues.

They're your customers! Our Non-Competition agreement spells out that the customer base you build will be yours.

Build a plant! If you do not already own your own plant. Our business model is the only one that provides for the expansion into a dry cleaning plant, as your business grows.


Large territories! Territory size for a single unit is at least 100,000 population defined by specific demographics and high income statistics.

Double protection! We are the only company to use a custom created garment bag to provide double protection to your customer's garments.

Support is unmatched! We do everything in our power to help you succeed.

High class! We have the highest quality, classiest image in the industry.

The MyDoor License agreement is just 13-pages, which contains common sense rules to protect our trademarks and define the relationship between you, "the Licensee" and us. Take a look at typical franchise documents from one of our competitors:

Competitor Franchise Agreement: CLICK to REVIEW

Competitor Franchise Disclosure Doc: CLICK to REVIEW

License vs. Franchise

Start with 1 van..grow to an entire plant.
We'll show you how.

Establish a customer base before making the $250k to $500k
plant investment.

Gain control over the market
share more effciently.

Easier financing process
as you're established income serves as collateral.

Build in a warehouse district
and save thousands of dollars
on unnecessary pricey
retail locations.

Work 4 day work weeks
as there is no need to run retail business hours.

Handle fellow MyDoor
Dry Cleaning licenses
wholesale work within the surrounding area.

  Franchise Growth  

We'll help you...

Find the most efficient equipment
at the best price

Write your business plan

Design plant lay-out

Train on equipment

Find outside wholesale work



Do you have
what it takes to
own your own

Are you ready to

expand you current operation?

To learn more about our exciting opportunity, please fill in the form below and we will send you our License and Services packet:

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Open the MyDoor Dry Cleaning License Packet: CLICK HERE

NOTICE: The use of "Door-To-Door Dry Cleaning" and all related brand images are for exclusive use within the state of Colorado. Outside of Colorado all units are prohibited from operating or marketing as "Door-To-Door Dry Cleaning".


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